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Sad news from Hungary: Dr. Stephen Pesztenlehrer HMAA President (1992-2003), ICMART President (1996-1998) has passed away

Dr Pesztenlehrer

Sad news from Hungary:

Once again, the Hungarian Medical Acupuncture Association is in mourning.

Dr. Stephen Pesztenlehrer, "Pista," has died at age 77, HMAA Vice President (1990 – 1992), HMAA President (1992-2003), ICMART President (1996-1998) and honorary associate professor.

Dr. Pesztenlehrer spearheaded the first ICMART Congress in Budapest in 1992.  He was renown for his insights, sage advice, experience, keen insights and ability to communicate difficult and delicate information with clarity and grace. Deeply religious and exhibiting a quiet and dignified strength, “Pista” was devoted to his patients and to his wife and children. 

The passing of this extraordinary man is painful, not only for his family, but for Medical Acupuncture community as well. He will be missed.


60 years of DZA (German Journal for Acupuncture & Related Techniques) - Congratulations for that pioneer work!

60 years DZA 2017

60 years of DZA (Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur), German Journal for Acupuncture & Related Techniques - Congratulations for that pioneer work and ongoing success!!
The DZA is the journal with the largest edition outside China for Acupuncture and Related Techniques. It is the forum for scientific research and practical application of these techniques.
In its anniversary year 2017 the DZA will look back on its history and specific topics. We will keep in touch and present you some highlights ...


Medical Acupuncture is now an official specialty in Latvia!

Medical Acupuncture is now an official specialty in Latvia!

On May 26, 2016 the Council of Ministers of Rep. of Latvia has approved the actual list of Medical Specialties, revising the previous one of 24. March 2009, that had been in power.

This was a historical step indeed, that strengthens the position of Medical Acupuncture in the country arising it to the University level.

According to the above, and since that:

  1. Medical acupuncture (MA) is listed as a MAIN medical specialty,
  2. The specialization on MA is based on Faculty of Internal Medicine of Medical University.
  3. Training program consists of 2 years full-time curriculum (2.500 hours) including TCM, Medical Acupuncture & Related Techniques theory & practical application (1328 lecture hours, 868 – clinical practice, and 304 - Seminars).
  4. After passing the final examination, the Certificate of MA Doctor is granted for the period of 5 years.


Medical Acupuncture News from Latvia.pdf


The new ICMART Congress Awards 2017 - Share your work with us in Mexico!


ICMART Science Award in Acupuncture and Related Techniques 2017

Award 1

 This is the main award of ICMART, which will be presented at each ICMART Symposium. It recognizes an important scientific contribution in the field of Acupuncture and related techniques. Submission requires innovative and excellent scientific projects either in basic research or in clinical research.

To qualify for this award, nominators must submit one scientific manuscript either published or accepted for publication in an indexed peer-reviewed journal during the years 2016 or 2017.

Deadline for manuscript submission is February 20th, 2017?

The nominated manuscript and a brief Curriculum vitae of the nominated author(s) should be sent to The manuscript should be accompanied by a one page statement in common English for the general audience describing why this scientific work should be awarded

The award winning manuscript will be selected by an independent committee composed of members of the ICMART Scientific Chapter upon the following 3 criteria: innovation, level of relevance and scientific excellence.

The price will be rewarded with 1.000 Euro.

Physical presence of the awarded author at the award ceremony including an oral presentation of the research project in one of the congress sessions is the precondition for pay-out of the reward. ICMART will cover an additional fixed sum of 500 Euro for travel costs and congress fee for one person.


ICMART 3 B Young Scientists Travel Award 2017 (4 awards)

Award 2

The Young Investigator Travel Award encourages and recognizes young scientific researcher of promise, upon whom progress in the field of acupuncture and related techniques is dependent. Interested candidates should submit an abstract summarizing any problem that relates to acupuncture techniques and their use whether it is in etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, or therapy of symptoms or diseases. All submitted abstracts compete for a limited number of 4 Travel Grants covering specific items. Accepted abstracts will be presented in a Young Scientists’ Session highlighted in the Congress program.

The deadline for submissions is February 20th, 2017 – submit your science today Eligibility:

Physicians, scientists, medical students and other healthcare providers currently in residency or fellowship programs or no more than three years out of training.


Oral presentations will be given in the Young Scientists’ Session at the ICMART-FILASMA World Congress, June 2nd to 4th, 2017, Mexico City. Time for presentation is 10 minutes with 5 minutes additional time for discussion. The Congress Fee for Young Scientists with accepted abstracts is free.

Award: 500 Euro each award for travelling and free congress fee


Abstracts must contain original scientific data collected by the author. Language of the abstracts and presentations is English. Abstract texts must be a maximum of 500 words. Recommended font is Arial 10 pt, double line spacing. Abstracts not according to the instructions are rejected. The following requirements need to be addressed:

1) Title (in capital case)

2) Presenting Author: full name (family name second) and affiliation (including her/his organization, city and country)

3) Contributing authors: full names and contributions

4) Abstracts should have the following structure (headings): Purpose, Relevance, Participants, Methods, Analysis, Results and Conclusions

5) If the study has been supported by a grant, please indicate the source of funding at the bottom of your abstract

6) Indicate all conflict of interest

7) A three-line biography note of the applicant is required

8) A statement that the author meets the criteria of eligibility

9) References should be placed in the order they appear in the abstract


Submission and Contact Address for Authors:

Please submit your abstract to or


DÄGfA Poster Award

Award 3

The German medical Acupuncture Association (DÄGfA) grants an award for the best two posters presented at the ICMART congress (250€ each award). All poster presentation which will be accepted by the congress scientific committee will take part in the competition.

An independent jury will evaluate all posters according to the following criteria:

  • excellence in research (all fields of research)
  • innovation
  • clarity in presentation
  • understandability
  • visualization
  • structural logic


Award: 250 Euro each award

Submission of poster presentation according to the congress guidelines.



Young scientist travel award and Poster award will be presented at the closing ceremony. Awardees have to be present at this ceremony. In case of absence the respective award will not be attributed. The ICMART award will be handed over at the opening ceremony or after the oral presentation of the awarded work (only in case of plenary lecture).


ICMART Scientific Chapter
Dominik Irnich, MD, PD, University of Munich, Germany

ICMART Awards 2017.pdf


Sad news from the world of Medical Acupuncture: Dr. Marco Romoli, famous Italian physician acupuncturist has passed away.

Sad news from the world of Medical Acupuncture:
Dr. Marco Romoli, famous Italian physician acupuncturist has passed away. Dr. Romoli specialized in ear diagnosis, auriculotherapy and postural balance. He was a renown lecturer, teacher and author of many articles in the DZA, among other publications, and the seminal volume “Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis.” Many at ICMART regarded Dr. Romoli as a friend as well as a highly regarded colleague. Dr. Romoli encouraged all of us to look at the ear in a different way and for that, we are grateful. He will be missed.

Marco Romoli


2nd UAE (United Arab Emirates) International Conference of Acupuncture was hosted in Abu Dhabi with ICMART representatives

Last 13-14 of November, the 2nd. United Arab Emirates International Conference of Acupuncture took place in Abu Dhabi, with the presence of distinguished speakers of USA, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Greece, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Japan, Algeria and China. From ICMART, our President Dr. Konstantina Theodoratou, General Secretary Dr. Chin Chan and Vice President Dr. Hedi Luxemburger participated as lecturers. 

The Congress had several objectives:
"Our objectives for this second conference in the region were many. The first was to attract attention of medical doctors, health officials and the public at large to the importance and contribution of acupuncture. Another was to present an overview of areas in which acupuncture works. A third objective was to show the importance and contribution of research to acupuncture. Finally, ways of how to integrate acupuncture into the health system of the UAE and other Arab countries were discussed.This conference targets a wide audience from healthcare professionals, policy makers, executives, aspiring acupuncture practitioners in the region, to various other health practitioners. It presents the latest scientific research on acupuncture.Speakers: USA, Brasil, Australia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Algeria, Greece, Germany, UK"

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ICMART Congress 2017
Date: 2th-4th June 2017
Venue: Mexico City, Mexico

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