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ICMART is a non-profit international organization comprising about 80 Medical Acupuncture associations and colleges worldwide. It includes over 35,000 doctors practising acupuncture and related techniques.

ICMART 2019 - The World of Acupuncture meets in Australia

ICMART Congress 2019
Date: 25-27th October 2019
Venue: Gold Coast 2019


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ICMART Congress 2019 - Registration now open - Call for papers!


Milan Acupuncture Congress - 38th SIA Congress 2019 - you are interested, but cannot go?

Program download here


ICMART at World Acupuncture Day in Paris

Today's ICMART delegation at the World Acupuncture Congress in Paris. ICMART President Hedi Luxenburger with ICMART delegates Konstantina Theodoratou, Patrick Sautreuil, Francisco Lozano and collegues.


ICMART Immediate Past President Dr. Konstantina Theordoratou during the morning ceremony of WADO in Paris:



Congratulations to the elected ICMART Board with new ICMART president Hedi Luxenburger from Germany

During the General Assembly in Munich, Friday September 7, 2018 a new ICMART Board has been elected as follows: 

President - Hedi Luxenburger, Germany
General Secretary - Chin Chan, Australia
Vice Presidents:  Tomas Dawid, Uruguay, Chun-Lee Oie-Tan, Netherlands, Patrick Sautreuil, France
Treasurer - Petja Piehler, Austria
Past president - Konstantina Theodoratou, Greece
Directors at large: Thomas Burgoon, USA; Silvia Elenkova, Bulgaria; Dominik Irnich, Germany; Francisco Lozano, Mexico; Paola Poli, Italy; Siddhartha Popat, Germany; Karin Stockert, Austria; Marcia Yamamura, Brasil 
ICMART Board election 2018
And the assembly expressed their thanks to the past president Konstantina Theodoratou and the past board members for all their contributions to ICMART. The new board members from Austria, Brasil, Italy, Mexico and USA have been welcomed. 



Expression of thanks - ICMART-iSAMS Congress 2018

After experiencing an exciting ICMART-iSAMS 2018 World Congress on Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques it is time to express our heartiest thanks to you:

  • Many thanks to over 500 active participants on site for joining this extraordinary event which was a big step forward in promoting acupuncture and related techniques worldwide, scientifically, practically as well as politically.
  • Thank you for appreciating and supporting the social and ethical values expressed in the choreography of this congress namely plurality, equality, brotherhood and social engagement.
  • Thank you for celebrating the 40 members of the team on site constituted by DÄGfA tutors, LMU students and KPI staff.
  • Thank you for intensively and silently listening to plenaries and symposia presentations (only one city guide tour was sold during the congress J) expressing respect for the presenters and interest in the topics.
  • Thank you for celebrating our musicians from TrioNeuklang, Honest Talks and Susanne Karl Trio as well as for appreciating Bavarian Goasslschnalzer (whip cracking) and traditional dancers from Nussdorf, Bavaria.
  • Thank you for jumping on the dance floor as soon as the music got started at the Gala Dinner and the Get Together.
  • Thank you for acknowledgments, hearty hugs and all the presents, institutional and personal from you!
  • Thank you for recognizing the support of 12 associated partners namely DGfAN, SMS, DAA, DAG, EUROCAM, ESIM, IFMANT, Med. Ges. für Qigong Yangsheng, ISJKM, NADA, FILASMA and CAMDOC Alliance.
  • Thank you for appreciating exhibition and sponsors.
  • Thank you for enjoying and praising food and drinks supplied by Hilton Munich Park.
  • Many thanks to the print media, television and social networks for paying particular attention to the congress.
  • Thank you for not complaining that finger food ran out during the reception at the Munich Residenz due to an unexpected high number of almost 200 guests.
  • Many thanks to the German National Soccer Team, which was also on site to get ready for the match against France, for showing consideration for congress procedures.
  • Thank you for all your expertise, your emotions and your appreciation!




Program for upcoming ICMART-iSAMS 2018 now completed - Download here


1st Slovenian Acupuncture Congress will take place during 11th ECIM, Sep 21-23rd, Lubljana

News from our member in Slovenia: 
The 1stSlovenian Acupuncture Congress will take place September 21st-23rd 2018, Lubljana. It is part of the 11thECIM – European Congress of Integrative medicine http://www.ecim2018-slovenia.org/first-slovenian-congress-of-acupuncture/

ICMART congratulates the Slowenian Association for Acupuncture within SZD also for the elected new board and wishes big success for all upcoming activities.

The new Board of Slovenian Acupuncture Society:
President - prim. mag.sci. Marija Cesar Komar, MD    
Vice President - Prof.dr. Zmago Turk, MD,              
Secretary - Prim Jadwiga Hajwska Kosi, MD           


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