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Accreditation System of Medical Acupuncture Training Programs

ICMART Training Accreditation System

This Medical Acupuncture Education Standard presents the educational objectives of a program of education and training in medicine for doctors, agreed by ICMART


The International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART) is the largest umbrella organisation representing Medical Acupuncture Associations worldwide. It has a current membership of 80 medical acupuncture associations from around the world, amounting to over 35,000 doctors practicing acupuncture and related techniques.

Through its membership organisations the ICMART has strong links and cooperation with Medical, Research and Health Organisations worldwide.

The ICMART Lexicon of Medical Acupuncture is the source of information for current training programs worldwide.

There is great diversity of regulations governing the practice of acupuncture worldwide. This document relates exclusively to the education and training of fully qualified medical practitioners.

This document sets out the essential core elements of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes necessary for a good curriculum. It provides a consensus framework of training requirements for safe and effective practice of medical acupuncture (the practice of acupuncture by medically qualified practitioners), and outlines the syllabus for examinations leading to a qualification in medical acupuncture conferred by the organizations represented in ICMART.

This document presents the minimum standards of education and training in medical acupuncture for physicians, arrived at by consensus of the ICMART membership

It is not intended to stifle innovation or diversity of teaching styles and methodologies, or limit the scope of the material taught. It should be used by those providing or developing courses as a framework to ensure that appropriate educational objectives are achieved.

Therefore the curriculum found in this document reflects learning content considered sufficient for individuals to become safe and knowledgeable medically qualified acupuncture practitioners. In many countries, professional and registering organisations surpass these standards and set standards to reflect the practice of acupuncture in their country.

The ICMART Accreditation Committee, with the oversight of the ICMART Board, is responsible for creating this document, but do not claim the authority to impose its requirements. They are advisory rather than prescriptive,

The document is the basis for ICMART to provide accreditation of courses for medical practitioners taught by organisations affiliated to ICMART. The aim is to have standards in place to future proof MA training and practice should such accreditation be formally required in the future by government or medical registration offices.


Common Training Framework

Article 1: Definition and Scope of Medical Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture (MA) specifically refers to the use of acupuncture by fully trained and licensed physicians.

MA can be integrated into and complement many medical specialties and disciplines. In particular pain medicine, physical medicine, orthopaedics, sports medicine, anaesthesiology, rehabilitation medicine, oncology & palliative care, neurology, psychiatry, paediatrics, dermatology, allergology and internal medicine.

Article 2: ICMART Accreditation Committee (IAC) for Medical Acupuncture

The IAC serves in the interest of the various national professional and scientific acupuncture societies worldwide.

The IAC encourages the application of modern principles of educational sciences as a general recommendation to all in charge of acupuncture training at any level,

Article 3: General Aspects of Training

1)    In order to train the most suitable individuals in medical acupuncture, selection principles should be set up on a national basis. The selection procedure must be transparent and application must be open to all persons who have completed basic medical training.

2)    The training and teaching techniques for the training programs should be in line with the recommendations of modern educational science.

3)    During the training period a continuous evaluation of knowledge, abilities and skills should be undertaken and the IAC recommends that an exit examination be taken after completion of the training period.

Article 4: Organisation of training

The Core Topics

1)    Education program

2)    Theory lectures

3)    Practical demonstrations

4)    Practical sessions

5)    Supervising staff

6)    Educational support

7)    Clinical and educational facilities

8)    Academic support

Schedule of training

The minimum duration of MA training is 12 months and 200 Teaching Unit.

Curriculum of training

1)    Fundamental scientific principles of acupuncture, 20TU

2)    Acupuncture points, practical treatments, indications and safety aspects I, 20TU

3)    Acupuncture points, practical treatments, indications and safety aspects II, 20TU

4)    Acupuncture points, practical treatments, indications and safety aspects III, 20TU

5)    Microsystems, electroacupuncture, 20TU

6)    Practical acupuncture therapeutics, 60TU

7)    Case studies, 40TU                                                                                                                   


1)    The program should include:

a)    Case presentations

b)    Lectures and small group teaching including practical exercises

c)     Clinical skills demonstrations and teaching

d)    Critical appraisal of evidence


2)    The program may include:

a)    Research or audit projects

b)    National or international acupuncture meetings

Assessment and evaluation

Training institutions should provide a system of appraisal at the end of the program.

Article 5: Requirements for the Director of Training and Educational Supervisors

1)    Every training institution should have a director of training or a member of the training committee:

a)   Who has at least 5 years practice and/or teaching experience in Medical Acupuncture

b)   Who has a sound practical knowledge of the field of acupuncture

c)    Who is recognised by a national acupuncture association

2)    The medical staff acting as educational supervisors should be actively practising and/or teaching Medical Acupuncture.

3)    The director of training and the educational supervisors should participate in regular updating in educational and team leader skills. 


ICMART Training Accreditation System

Only those institutions that are formally associated with members of the International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART) may qualify for accreditation of their teaching program.

Acupuncture teaching programs eligible for accreditation may be provided by the following institutions:

  • Associations, Societies or Colleges providing education and training for acupuncture physicians.
  • National Medical Associations
  • Universities

Institutions that apply for accreditation of their teaching program must submit the following to the ICMART Accreditation Committee (IAC), to accreditation@icmart.org:

  • A completed application form
    Application form.docx
  • A copy of the training program in English
  • A detailed curriculum vitae (CV) of the Director of Studies or Educational Supervisor

The training program must comply with the requirements as stated in the Medical Acupuncture Education Standards and the Core Training Framework. The IAC will collect the documented evidence and forward it to the next meeting of the IAC. When the IAC ascertains that all requirements are fulfilled it will in due course grant accreditation. Accreditation will be granted twice each calendar year. The IAC will issue a Certificate of Accreditation for the teaching program and examination of the institution making the application. The accreditation will remain valid for a period of 4 (four) years and will be renewable at the end of that time, subject to re-accreditation

The accreditation fee for the institution will be €400 and it will cover the 4-year accreditation period.

The institution will provide to IAC at the end of the academic year;

  • A list of names for the eligible students
  • The student’s medical association and membership number.

The IAC will prepare the diplomas that will be duly signed and sealed by the President and General Secretary of ICMART. The diploma accreditation fee of €100 will be paid by the student. Past graduates of an ICMART accredited institution will also be eligible for accreditation provided the current training program was legally in force at the time of their graduation.

Institutions and associations whose teaching program qualifies for accreditation:

  • Must pay their annual ICMART membership fee during the period of accreditation
  • Non-payment of the annual membership fee during the period of accreditation will lead to withdrawal of the accreditation.
  • Fees should be paid by bank transfer. Any bank charges should be paid by the institution. 



ICMART Congress Accreditation Standard - ICMART-CAS

Dear Colleagues,

In the recent years an increasing number of Medical Acupuncture Congresses are being held around the world.
The scientific level of these events varies so ICMART recognizes the need of a common accreditation system for Medical Acupuncture scientific events worldwide.
In order to secure advanced scientific level, novice evidence based and integrative medicine quality ICMART sets the standards and provides an accreditation system for its members and their scientific events.
Continuous learning is a necessity in medicine. But only quality, promotes knowledge. ICMART wishes to promote both.

On behalf of the Accreditation Chapter 
Konstantina Theodoratou, Chairperson

Description of the Scientific Event
 The event should be organized by a medical Acupuncture Association, member of ICMART and should at least include lectures, workshops and/or other educational sessions. The duration cannot be less than one day.
Contact Person
 The contact person will apply for the accreditation and should be a doctor practicing acupuncture and registered both at the local medical association and the medical acupuncture association. He will be the person responsible for the contact with ICMART accreditation office and should provide his/hers name, title and contact details.
The Scientific and/or Organizing Committee
 The contact must provide the name(s), title(s) and contact details of the Chair, and all other members of the Scientific and/or Organizing Committee.
 The Program
 The latest version of the program must be provided. It should include the names, the titles and the duration of lectures, workshops and sessions.
 Promotional material
 The contact person must confirm that it will comply with the national rules and standards regarding exhibition areas where companies will present their products.
 Evaluation form
 The contact person should send to ICMART accreditation office the results of the completed forms within a month of the end of the event.
 Required Application Forms
 The contact person should fill and attach the following papers in English:
1. Application letter by the Contact Person
2. Congress Accreditation Form
Application form.docx 
3. Chairman Form
Chairman form.docx
4. Conflict Of Interest Form
5. Most recent program version
 The papers should be send three months before the event at:
The papers will be reviewed by the ICMART Accreditation Office within 10 days.
The fee should be paid, in full, three months prior to the scheduled date on which the event is held.
The fee is EUR 150 per event day. For 3 or more event days the fee is fixed at 450 EUR.

Current Members of the Committee

Chair: Dr. Konstantina Theodoratou, MD, Greece

Dr. Chin Chan, MD, Australia
Dr. Tomás Dawid, MD, Uruguay
Dr. Silvia Elenkova, MD, Bulgaria
Hedi Luxenburger, MD, Germany 


Upcoming Event

ICMART Congress 2021

HYBRID congress
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or online (virtual)

Athens, Greece
2-4th July 2021

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