ICMART Congress 1995, Sofia, Bulgaria

Congress Abstracts

Overview Abstracts

  • The 8 principles – one of the best TCM diagnostic – S. P. (Israel)
  • Effective treatment of intrakt medical problems on accurate organ representations of the hand
  • Kidneis insufficiency and the pro/lem of the longevity – Y. Tian (PR of China)
  • Lasers in acupuncture – T. Kritidou (Greece)
  • Laser anesthesia in early postoperative period – A. A. Degtyareva (Russia)
  • Laser acupuncture application for analgesia in disc herniation patients – T. Georgieva (Bulgaria)
  • Application of laser acupuncture in treating patients with progressing stenocardia – K. Yegorow, A. Katin (Belirus)
  • Laser irradiation in the treatment of lateral epicondylalgy and gonantralgy in sportsmen – S. Nikolic, Z. Trojacanes, Z. Handziski, J. Trojacanes (FYR Macedonia)
  • Application of laser acupuncturein come eye disorders – R. Ivanova (Bulgaria)
  • Acupuncture and laser therapy of complicationsin patients following intraarterial polychemotherapy – A. Degtyareva (Russia)
  • Laser acupuncture and Reynaud s phenomena – Z. Trojacanec G. Bozinoski, S. Nikolic, J. Trojacanec. Z. Hadziski (FYR Macedonia)
  • Low Level laser acupuncture in dentistry – F. Mastalier (Germany)
  • Stimulation treatments and dynamic exercises superior to conventional treatment modalities in tension neck syndrome – E. V. Norja, S.Y. T. Junnial (Finland)
  • Microwaves in acupuncture - M. Teppone, S. Grigoryev (Russia)
  • The influence of the stimulating cureents on disease treatment- E. Dervisevic (Slovenia)
  • How to put acupuncture in a neurophysiological context. What remains to be done? – K. Lundsgaard (Denmark)
  • Classical acupuncture treatment of patients with traumatic cerebrasthenia – R. Genova, M. Terzieva, St. Dyankov (Bulgaria)
  • Acupuncture for treating the vertebral pain syndromes – Y. V. Goldblat (Russia)
  • Regime moments in treatment of painful scoliosis with acupuncture and manual therapy – L.G. Zaltsman, A.T. Kachan (Russia)
  • Four postsperative discus prolaps patient and auriculotherapy – M. F. Abut (Turkey)
  • Some remarks on neuromorphological drounds of vaginal acupuncture - L. Malinovski, R. Umlauf, V. Malinovska, M. Artico, V.D. Andrea (Italy, Czech Republic)
  • TENS, electroacupuncture and EMG in TMJ disorders preliminary report – S. Scarsella, R. Ladisa, T. Cutilli (Italy)
  • Computer auriculodermography in vegetative dysfunction – E. Vasenina, O. Kuznetsova (Russia)
  • Evaluation of acupuncture in an university pain unit – mwthods and results in migraine patients – T. Weinschutz (Germany)
  • Migraine treated with skin magnets on acupoints GB 34 – T. Toysa (Finland)
  • Parallel betwin “Zhong Fend” and cerebral-vaskular stroke – M. Coupre (France)
  • Theory Yin-Yang connects the iridodiagnostics and traditional Chnese medicine – A. Kayadjiew (Bulgaria)
  • The extending effect of the penetrating acupuncturetherapy on the symptom of the disease for H8 (Shao Fu) – E. P. Seonga J.J. Seung (Republic Korea)
  • Analgesia in orthopedic surgery in childhood using auricular electroacupuncture stimulation – T. Georgieva (Bulgaria)
  • Five cases of trigeminal neuralgia treated with acupuncture - S.G. Martoudis (Cyprus)
  • Use of impulse current in complex treatment of radiation injuries of periferial nervous system – V.V. Pasov, A.A. Degtyareva, M.S. Bardychev (Russia)
  • To justification of application of alternating current in acupuncture - A. Sivakov (Belarus)
  • Acupuncture methods in patients with blephospasm – R. Kotseva (Bulgaria)
  • Treatment of cervical spine dysfunctions by acupuncture – results of a university placebo-controlled blind group – J. Gleditch, N. Behrens, D. Irnich (Germany)
  • Rehabilitation of wounded using addional therapy by acupuncture magnets – B. Nikolic, D. Mandic, J. Suvajic (FR Yugoslavia)
  • Our experience with the application of acupuncture in perceptive hypacusia and tinnitus R. Umlauf (Czech Republic)
  • Biomicrophoresis in treatment of vertebragenic painful syndromes of vertebral column – V. I. Bondarchuk, W. S. Goidenko, W.M. Koteneva (Russia)
  • Yamamoto new scalp acupuncture in locomotive disorders – W. Maric Oehler (Germany)
  • Acupuncture in universal medicine – C. G. Markopoulos (Greece)
  • Acupuncture diagnosis and treatment of referred viscera-vertebral syndromes – O. Kuznetsova (Russia)
  • A synopsis of neural theories touching on the action of acupuncture – M. Karavis (Greece)
  • Method of Y. Nacatani as estimation of results of acupuncture – M. T. Korechkina (Russia)
  • Abdominal diagnosis in occupational pathology – T. Punchev (Bulgaria)
  • Effect of classical acupuncture on immunologic and neurophysiologic changes in healthy persons – D. Minchev, A. Karpelian, M. Terzieva, R. Genova (Bulgaria)
  • Objectivation of acupuncture effectiveness in fibromyalgia – H.Spott, C. Jager, M. Jeschonneck, S. Franke, H. Kjuge, G. Hein (Germany)
  • Acupuncture in correlation with neuro-anatomy and neuro-physiology- A. Pollmann (Germany)
  • Bioenergypuncture diagnostics and therapy – V. S. Goidenko, V.I.Bondarchuk, V.M. Koteneva (Russia)
  • Neurophysiologikal analysis of analgetic effect of electroacupuncture and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation – E. E. Meizerfv (Russia)
  • Experimental study on the scalp acupuncture effects in the healthy persons – E. V. Lukjanuk, M. V. Koroljova, E.E. Meizerov (Russia)
  • The possible increase of NMDA Receptor (N-Methyl-D-Asparate=Amino-Acids L-glutamic And L-asparate Acids) for memory formation by herbal medicines, electrical acupuncture and DHA-FP (Decoca Hexaennoic Acid – Fish Pritein) – especially the effects based on
  • Methods of integrative reflexotherapy and diagnosis in pain treatment – O. I. Zagorulko (Russia)
  • Dental electric hypalgesia (DEN) – H-J Weise (Germany)
  • The frustane acupuncturein connection with dental problems – H. Badtke, R. Schurer (Germany)
  • Odontogenic interference fields as obstacles to acupuncture treatment – S. Pohle (Germany)
  • A controlled study of acupuncturetreatment fir patient suffering from hypertension – G. Hegyi, I. Pestztenlehrer (Hungary)
  • On some acupuncture methods of treatment of hypertension patients – E. Kranikovska, M. Dikova (Bulgaria)
  • Application of acupuncture in the complex balneotherapy of patients – D. Tupkov, V. Vlahova-Nicolova (Bulgaria)
  • The use of reflexotherapy in treatment of diabetic angiopathy of lower extremities – Y. V. Korykov, A.G. Kuklin, O.I. Novohatko (Russia)
  • Pain syndromes in neurology – aspects of acupuncture therapy – R. Besk (Germany)
  • Dynamiecs of some immunologic, biochemical and stereometric indicators in people, suffering from bronchial asthma after acupuncture – D. Petrov, L. Georgieva (Bulgaria)
  • Elektromagnetic resonance reflexotherapy – a new method for treatment of peptic ulcer discase – M. Stamboliyska, M. Atanassova, M. Georgieva
  • Some peculiar problems of treatment of duodenal ulcer and intestine dyskinesia by acupuncture – A. Sivakov (Belarus)
  • Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s discase from the viewpoint of reflex and and regylatory medicine – H. Becke (Germany)
  • Usade of Su Jok method for tredting of duodenal ulcer – N. V. Borisova (Russia)
  • To mechanism of acupuncture effect in case of urolitic disease – V.Y. Kirgizov (Russia)
  • Acupuncture fo hay fever A. T. Kachan, K.P. Gamayunov (Russia)
  • The effect of acupuncture on the dysmenorhea – D. Tsenov (Bulgaria)
  • Delivery induction with acupuncture and elctroacupuncture in prolonged pregnancy – Z. Tsekova, B. Stambolov, A. Georgiev (Bulgaria)
  • The effect of transcutanous electric nerve stimulltion (TENS) and acupuncture on gonarthrosis – I. Tekeoglu (Turkey)
  • Elektropunctural diagnostics by R. Voll’s method is an effective means of early determining of energetic thyroid pathology – A. J. Katin, V. Velyviene, T. Shappo (Belorus)
  • Treating gonarthrosis in period of 1988-1994 in the community of Titov Veles – V. Hadzi-Naumov (FYR Macedonia)
  • Cardiomyopathy and cardiomegaly – a case reported on left ventricular hepertrophy followed by congrestive heart failure – M. Takashima (Japan)
  • Hyperstimulating and drug analgesia for the treatment acute postoperative pain – V. Hristova (Bulgaria)
  • Treatment of nocturnal enuresis using cryogenic therapy, acupuncture and cups – V. Velichkova (Bulgaria)
  • Infant ocular disturbance treated by acupuncture in patients with optic atrophy – M.D. Pop (Romania)
  • Aplikation of the classical acupuncture in patients with optic atrophy - R. Kotzeva, S. Cherninkova (Bulgaria)
  • The own observationa at attempts of including acupuncture to complex treatment in psychiatry - M. Dunin, B. Tarczon (Poland)
  • The influence of corporal acupuncture of points St36 on the activity production in the stomach – V. Lakusta, A. Organ, I. Cosciug, A. Licimaniuc (Moldova)
  • The effect of ear acupuncture on serum – Tekeoglu (Turkey)
  • A controlled trial of elektroacupuncture in opiate withdrawal – A. White (UK)
  • Efficacy of Su Jok method for treating various pain syndromes – O. S. Merimskay (Russia)
  • Using Su Jok therapy for treatment of uterine tumors – V.F. Kokolina, O.N. Lapteva (Russia)
  • Acupuncture as method in immunotherapy – V. Pepelyaev (Belorus)
  • Points of acupuncture- strange Sounezhu point outside main channels. Clinical observation of 65 cases for proliferation of breastgland and pain in breasts – X. Shi, L. Zhu (PR of China)
  • Cosmetic and adaotogenic effects of complex influence on acupuncture points in neck-facial region – R.N. Karaev, A. M. Vasilenko (Russia)
  • Methods of acupuncture in treating patients with atopic dermatiris – V.P. Adaskevich (Belorus)
  • Dynamics of some immunological parameters in patients with herpes simplex redcidivans before and after combined treatment with acupuncture, laser and phytoprodukts – E. Iliev, K. Nikolov, L. Durmishev (Bulgaria)
  • The application of acupuncture stimulation as a factor of prevention in stress and hypoxic damages in sport medicine – S.A. Radzievsky (Russia)
  • Increase of sport results using elektroacupuncture and elektrostimulation – E. Enev, D. Bahchevanov (Bulgaria)
  • Application of special eastern massage – mahual therapy according to Masayaki Saionji – A. Maruska (Lithuania)
  • To complexity of acupuncture experimentation in aports medicine – J. Amoyel (France)
  • Acupuncture, moxibustion and auriculotherapie in modern sports medicine – H. Thorer (France)
  • Therapeutic exercise and distal acupuncture for treatment of pain (Bi) syndromes – I. Kurtev (Bulgaria)
  • Acupuncture for treatment of patients with psoriatic arthritis – M. Slavova, M. Terzieva, R. Genova (Bulgaria)
  • Efficiency of elektroacupuncture stimulation in diskcogenic lumbosacral radiculitis treatment – T. Georgieva (Bulgaria)
  • Results after treatment of angiospasm by acupuncture – Z. P. Holevich, V.E. Shakola (Bulgaria)
  • Acupuncture in teeth extraction - V.E. Shakola, Z. P. Holevich (Bulgaria)
  • A new points different from these of Vaie – A.I. Kayadjiew (Bulgaria)
  • Pain treatment after larynectomia – S. Ivanov (Germany)
  • Auriculodiagnostics in case of long lasting lumbosacral radiculitis – D. Tupkov (Bulgaria)
  • Theory of the fractal character of the human body – E. Enev (Bulgaria)
  • Standartized system of abbreviations of acupuncture&moxibustion therapy prescription - – E. Enev (Bulgaria)
  • Internationational acupuncture nomenclature standarts proposal – D. Mandic, M. Markovic (FYR Yugoslavia)
  • Low intensive lasers in onco-urology – A. Degtyareva (Ryssia)
  • Treatment of Acne Vulgaris by classical acupuncture and pressed needles – V. Velichkova (Bulgaria)
  • Headache treated with skin magnets on the legs - on the same aspect as the pain – T. Toysa (Finland)
  • Application of cups in TCM – G. Lin (PR China)
  • The changing line between Yin and Yang is turning point in clinical thought – J. J. Wang (PR China)
  • Laser treatment in patient with low phagocyte activity and humoral immunity – I. Haydouchka, V. Velichkova (Bulgaria)
  • Bioenergypunkture therapy of tobacco smoking – V. M. Koteneva, Bondarchuk, V. S. Goidenko (Russia)
  • Acupuncture in the treatment of hypogalacia – Z. Tzekova (Bulgaria)
  • Comparison of two acupuncture methods in combined headache – needle acupuncture v. elektroacupuncture- T. Weinschutz, U. Niederberder, S. Johnsen, J.Muller (Germany)
  • Withdrawal therapy using acupuncture and related techniques – R. Umlauf (Czech Republic)
  • TCM approach to to diarrhea and constipation and their eventual treatment with acupuncture – F. Beyens (Belgium)
  • Acupuncture and immunity: basic and clinical aspects – J.Bossy (France)
  • Microsystems in acupuncture – W. Marik Oehler, O. Nastalier, J. Gledisch (Germany)
  • SU JOK acupuncture – hand and foot correspondence system – J.W. Park (Republic of Korea)
  • ECIWO Acupuncture theory and practice – A. Aardal (Norway)
  • Six Energies theory and it significance for the contemporary medicine T.A. Petrakova (Russia)
  • Using of Su Jok therapy for treating the impaired menstrual cycle in juveniles – V. F. Kokolina, O.N. Lapteva (Russia)
  • Su Jok acupuncture in clinical practice – T. Khwan (Russia)
  • Application of massage, phytotherapy and oxugen foam for treating respiratory diseases after air pollution and following oxygen hunger – M. Martinova (Bulgaria)

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