General diagnostic of the bronchial asthma patient state

R. Alexandrova, G, Fedoseev
Dept, Hospital Therapy, Medical University, St.-Petersburg, Russia.

The aim of this study was to compare the traditional Chinese diagnostic syndroms with modern objective state indexes of the bronchial asthma patients. 102 patients with bronchial asthma were examined by the clinical, biochemical, immunological, functional and electrophysiological methods. The data basis consisted of 241 indexes of patient state, Deficiency of the spleen yang being revealed with the probability of 0.32 was in the reliable correlation with the markers for the atopic state (eosinophilia and the blood microcytosis), with the bronchial inflammation signs (sputum neutrophiles) and with the heart, kidneys and liver functional systems puncture potentials. Deficiency of the kidney qi being revealed with the probability of 0.28 was in the reliable correlation with the bronchial permeability (p < 0.05). Stagnation of the liver qi being revealed with the probability of 0.23 was in the reliable correlation with the bronchial hyperactivity signs (according to the inhalational acetylcholine test), with the blood IgE and ll-oxycorticosteroids concetration and with the granulocyte migration inhibition indexes as well as vegetative dysbalance indexes.

Background the general health improving as a result of acupuncture treatment at the same time we have revealed increasing of bronchial permeability (according to SGaw), as well as decreasing of bronchial hyperactivity while acetylcholine testings (p < 0.05) among 86% of patients.

We conclude that integral diagnostic opens the new ways in the respiration dysfunctions acupuncture correction by additional influence on the digestive and ugorenital systems punctures.

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