Can it be proved that acupuncture has an objectively positive stimulative or normalizing effect on the immune system?

Dr. A. Loskotova-Novoma, M. D.
Czech Republic

The purpose of this poster support our objective argument that acupuncture can positively influence the immune system. The application of acupuncture in practice testifies of its stimulative effect on the immune system. The authors are hereby attempting to prove the objective capacity of this effect, even in laboratory conditions. Patients with documented immunity disorder were subjected to the following laboratory procedures, in part icular:

1) acupuncture (ACU) as monotherapy

2) acupuncture plus antioxidiancies

3) acupuncture plus Specific Individual Autobiotherapy (SIAB, using autovaccines containing cytokinetic fragments)

During our laboratory tests, we focused primarily on so-called "cellular immunity", concretely on cellular alterations observed in individual subpopulations or T lymphocytes, since they constituted a particularly significant type of cells suitable for our research due to their complex immunity characteristics. Furthermore we also followed disorders involving "humoral immunity", i.e., immunoglobulines, complementes, etc.


A positive effect of acupuncture applied as monotherapy has been unquestionably proved. In case involving immunity deficiency, however, a normalizing effect could be observed only if a combined method was applied, namely acupuncture with antioxydancia or, especially, acupuncture with SlAB (Special Individual Autobiotherapy which involved the use of autovaccines containing cytokinetic fragments). It has been proved that ACU has a unquestionably positive effect on the immune system, if applied singularly, and an accelerated normalizing effect, if applied in combination.

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