The many levels of acupuncture

Dr. F. Beyens - M.D.

Throughout the history of acupuncture, according to old books or modern treatises, to TCM schools or modem. teaching, so called "traditional" or so-called "scientific" approach, there are so many possibilities.

From the dream of the unique point to rigid "cookbook recipes",
From adaptable "cookbook recipes" to individualised choice Of points,
From a therapeutical decision taking in account our knowledge of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology,
Or using the different categories of points (Luo, Yuan, Back Shu, Mu, Five Shu points, etc.),
Or choosing points because of their local, regional or distant indications,
From following faithfully the theory to being more pragmatic,
Which is the best? Which is the most useful?
Is there a systematic approach which would help to decide?

Here are a few thoughts to make you think.

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