Traumatic disorders of extremitety, sudek atrofy, s.M. Sudek and AK Magnets-therapy

Branka Nikolic
SI. Penezica 23, 11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia


to present the advantage of AK magnets applications as a therapeutic method of M. Sudek.


AK magnets r-60 mm or r - 11,7 mm, 60 mT were placed to AK points following the principles of TCM and plaster fixed. Patients advised to stimulate occasionally the magnets by hand pressure over them several times a day.

Result and discussion:

After 4-5 days oedema of the extremity mostly disappeared, so the patients were able to start with kinesiotherapy and AK magnets resisted as well. After 3-8 weeks the recovery was complete.


Although this is a pilot study of the AK magnet therapy at M. Sudek, our results show us an advantage of their use following the principles of TCM.

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